Nikkei Digital Media Web Business Forum 2007

webbusinessforum2007 Nikkei Digital Media will be holding the Web Business Forum 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Friday the 12th of October.

The Forum is a primarily Japanese language event, and entry is free. Registration is required from the website.

The opening speaker is Takenaka Heizo, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Comminications in Junichiro Koizumi's government, and Koizumi's sidekick on his reform programme. He may not seem the most likely candidate to get first mention on a Web2.0 blog, but the gist of his presentation is how the last 10 years have been a blank for the Japanese economy, and what needs to be done to create dynamic growth similar to that seen in the US in the mid 90s.

The following sessions include:

Business Workstyle Innovation with IP Networks (Enterprise 2.0?) - Japan Unisys Group

Business Intelligence 2.0 - Business Objects

RSS, Widgets and Social Syndication - Pheedo

100 Years of BCP (!) - NTT

Desktop Web Apps - Adobe

Events 2.0 - CMP Technologies (US)

and others.

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Rob Cawte's Gravatar Update: Registrations for this conference have now closed.
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