Tokyo Bloggers Dinner

On Tuesday I started working in Kojimachi, near the offices of Mozilla Corporation.  Gen Kanai, a friend from Tech Talk Japan chat and Tokyo2Point0, works at Mozilla and we got together for lunch yesterday chatted about various stuff including Mozilla Messaging, portable social networks and upcoming events.  He turned me on to the Tokyo Bloggers Dinner, a monthly get together of some of the local blog scene, where everyone has curry and perhaps a few beers, then gives a quick presentation about what they are doing, or some interesting sites they are using.  He introduced me to the organiser, Kohichi Aoki, and I was on the list.

It was a really fun evening with a great mix of people, and some cool, concise talks.  It's kinda late now, so I won't blog about the event in detail right now, but here is the slideshow.  You can click through to Picasa if you want to download larger resolution shots.  You can catch site of the about to be released Logicool Media Centre Remote, a Microsoftie caught operating a Macbook Air, Nagasawa-san from BlogPeople looking very surprised, and more!  (Turn on the captions and you'll see what's happening)

People and their URLs:

Masaki Ishitani from Mitaimon! and News2u Corporation

Matthew Skyrm, Brandon Wu and Takeshi Homna from Evevio showed off their video service

Hina Nakashima with HINALOG came up from Nagoya for the evening.

Takuya Terasawa and Takayuki Sato from Logicool showed off their new Media Centre Remote Control

Akky from Cybozu Labs

Hiroaki Totsuka from iPod Style

Pina Hirano from infoteria

Tomoo Mizukami from Uniden's Car Navigation Division

Ichiro Kiyota from Six Apart talked about their new content initiative and the first project, Blu-ray apart

Kazuyoshi Nagasawa from AIVY Communications and BlogPeople

Taizo Koide from ShoPro talked about the Shogakukan joint venture site for amateur cartoonists

Risa Nakanishi - PR Diva from Yahoo's new Search Ranking service - showed off all manner of rankings mined from various on and offline sources

Nobi Hayashi of 

... and many more!

Please send me a comment or skype me for any corrections or deletions.

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Serkan Toto's Gravatar Wow, thanks for this report, Rob.

I have never heard of this dinner. Is it an open event (meaning: Am I eligible?)?
# Posted By Serkan Toto | 4/4/08 4:33 AM
Rob Cawte's Gravatar The event is invite only, but I'm sure you'd be welcome. They let me in after all!
I'll send you the URL to apply to the list offline.
# Posted By Rob Cawte | 4/4/08 8:44 AM
Serkan Toto's Gravatar OK! Great, thank you!
# Posted By Serkan Toto | 4/4/08 3:24 PM
Robert Sanzalone's Gravatar Cool. Would love to be "snuck unto the list" as well!

Glad you made the connection through Tech Talk Japan. I guess my little group does do some good in the world. ;-)
# Posted By Robert Sanzalone | 4/8/08 12:32 AM
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