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CA340028I went along to the "Facebook Developer Garage" at an event space in Harajuku.  There was a fairly basic introduction to Facebook Applications given solely in English :( , followed by free wine and snacks, and then a series of talks from local developers of Facebook apps.  I hung around to see Junya Ishihara present his "Kanji-Fandom" application, and Yuki from OnGMap informs me that there were three more demos after that, followed by a bit of networking time.



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Gen Kanai's Gravatar I was afraid that there was going to be nothing in Japanese. If FB is serious about Japan then they have to have ja content and presentations. I chose not to go and am glad I didn't waste my time.
# Posted By Gen Kanai | 5/20/08 11:16 AM
Rob Cawte's Gravatar It was a bit of a disappointing event really... even the medium sized crowd was uncomfortably positioned, there was no Japanese interpretation of the Facebook 101 presented, and the wine was not very good :(
Let's see if this is how they plan to proceed in the Japanese market.
# Posted By Rob Cawte | 5/25/08 4:30 PM
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