Brainstorming dinner for Business Blog and SNS World 08 Session

Last month, eSynapse was approached to put together a session for Business Blog and SNS World 08 at BigSight from May 28th to 30th.

With only a few days to settle on the session content, we quickly decided to do a panel discussion on Open Data and Mashups, and how they relate to the event main topic.  The session is on the 29th (Thu) from 12:00 to 12:45.

I pulled together a collection of industry colleagues to participate, and Andrew Shuttleworth from Tokyo2Point0 volunteered to moderate the session.  


The Panelists are:

Nob Seki, President of Six Apart Japan
Yukihisa Yonemochi, Enterprise Evangelist from IBM
Yusuke Kawasaki, Chief Architect at Recruit Media Labs
Yuki Naotori, Industry Consultant with, Creator of OnGMap

I am truly grateful that they will help out in our little session.

On Thursday we all got together at Fujimamas in Harajuku to discuss the session and have dinner.

It was great to get to know the guys a little better, and to hear their thoughts and angles on all things web.  I have no worries that we won't have enough to talk about, I just hope we can keep the talk on topic for everyone listening. :)

Andrew will be there cracking the whip, as we only have a short 45 minutes.  We are accepting questions online before the event, and may also try out a QRCode based survey on the audience in real-time, if I can get the reporting screen working right by the day!

If you are thinking of coming out to the event, please check out our session.

Network Event

On a side note, we are co-hosting a network event on site at BigSight with Tokyo2Point0 that evening from 6:15pm ... please come along if you are out there.  There will be free drinks and nibbles after a long day's expo - many thanks to sponsors Paypal and Optia Partners.

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