Business Blog and SNS World 2008

I am at Tokyo BigSight right now for Business Blog and SNS World 2008.   The midday session that Andrew and I led went very well.  Despite the terrible weather and a smaller than expected turnout for the event, we had about 120 to 150 people come along to the session.

After the MC's introduction, first up I introduced the session survey.  I put together a simple mobile based survey system for the event, and projected a QRCode onto the screen.  This went pretty well, and about 30 people responded in the first few minutes.  Then I talked about the network event we are running this evening, and launched into the panel discussion.

Andrew was moderator, and the panelists did most of the talking.  45 minutes was soon up, and I presented the real-time survey results.   Although there was Q&A time at the end, no-one had questions.

In the green room

With Andrew Shuttleworth

The Panel

The eSynapse Booth



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Milt Waerea's Gravatar Hi Rob

This all looks very interesting! Hope life is treating you w

Milt W )
# Posted By Milt Waerea | 12/10/08 12:12 PM
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