eSynapse Restructured

Well, it's been some time since I posted here, so here's some news and it isn't good.

eSynapse - the company I joined as CTO just a few months ago - has failed to secure financing, and been forced to slash staff. As my project is still several months from bringing in any revenue, the project has been frozen, and my team let go. I have decided to go with them.

This is a real shame ... the project I lead was to create a multi-level modular CMS with ECommerce and Semantic hooks. It was to be a chance to take the CMS that I had created over several years, and hacked for many clients, and rebuild it from scratch as an ASP service, in a new language, with a team of developers. Unfortunately this was not to be.

So ... what to do next? Of course I'm putting the feelers out, and checking the job sites. But I want to do a little upskilling first - finally move to Eclipse, learn about Mobile Development, Flex and a little Java (eek!). I also have a couple of ideas I'd like to work on, and have started on a mental health-related site project with some friends, so I'm not going to leap back into the job market immediately.

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