ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 7) BOF Lightning Talks

After the long afternoon of sessions ... basically six hours with only 10 minute breaks .. everyone was ready for a change of scene, and we moved on to drinks, snacks, and Birds of a Feather Lighting talks at Shin Marubiru.

Here everyone - presenters included - began to let their hair down, and as the beer flowed, some of the most entertaining - if not necessarily useful sessions of the day were had.


Opening Greetings from Seki-san of Six Apart


ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 5) Building an Application "Nowadays"

Building an "imadoki', or "nowadays" application was the topic of the panel discussion.

On stage were Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, software engineer from Six Apart, an Yukihisa Yonemochi, Technology Evangelist from IBM.

While the contrasting views on Openness and Open Source didn't lead to any passionate debate, it was interesting to see the two companies' differing approaches.  Miyagawa-san is a big contributor to Open Source Perl projects, and while IBM also invest in open source projects, they have a corporate manual for engaging with OSS, and the projects they run themselves are subject to different licences. 


ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 4) Nifty - The Road to "Nowadays"

Back at Builder Techday ... the next speaker, Masashi Sawada from Nifty, was there to provide a little historical context.  He has been at Nifty for 10 years, and talked about Nifty's place in the movement from PC Communication networks to the Open Internet.

Openness at Nifty


ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 3) Mozilla - Innovation and the Open Web

Chris Beard - Mozilla Community Worldwide Third up was Chris Beard - VP of Products at Mozilla Corp.  He explained the structure of Mozilla, and the mission of the Mozilla Foundation to deliver value to the web - rather than just to shareholders.  He talked about the the Mozilla community worldwide, and then about Mozilla Labs and Mozilla Messaging.


ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 2) Open ID

Kazuya Ishikawa form Verisign Japan - Open ID Second Speaker was Kazuya Ishikawa from Verisign Japan, talking about the Open ID initiative. Verisign is one of the corporate members of the Japan chapter of the OpenID Foundation

He was explaining OpenID as User-centric ID Management, enabled by logically separating the ID provider from the provider of the service being logged into.


ZDNet Japan Builder Techday: Open API & Beyond - 1) Open for Business

The Open API & Beyond Builder Techday event organised by CNet Networks Japan and Six Apart was held at Bellsalle Yaesu, near Tokyo Station on the 28th of January.

The event was oversubscribed, and I missed out on the draw, but Gen Kanai from Mozilla came to my rescue and helped me get a pass to join the event.  Han Kessels from Tech Talk Japan was also there, and we both managed to charm our way into passes for the BOF and drinks session in the evening (many thanks to the tall lady from CNet!)


Web Camp on Social Network Portability

Will blog about this later, but now streaming to Rob-TV:

Web+DB Press video panel series on REST

An Evening With Zoho

I went down to Yokohama on Friday night to check out Zoholics - the seasonal offline event by AdventNet - producers of Zoho, one of the early ranking contenders in the online office collaboration game.

I had heard much about Zoho, but hadn't had much more than a rather unsatisfying dabble with Show, so now was a chance for a bit of a deep dive. 


SaaS World 2007: Quis mashup ipsos mashups? Api-match.com - that's quis!

Naoyuki Nomura and Keiko Matsuda from Metadata Inc.

So "Who will Mashup the Mashups?" ... Another interesting presenter at the Mashup Corner of SaaS World was api-match.com.

The service - provided by  Ryogoku based Metadata Inc. - is an API search engine/directory, which allows introspection of various APIs, and side-by-side comparison with other similar APIs.  You can input a search term - say Real Estate or maps - and up will come a list of related APIs.  Drilling down displays all the service description information that can be found about the API, and the HTML licence page is displayed in an iframe, with the responsibilities, rights and restrictions sections conveniently highlighted in colour.


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