SaaS World 2007: Farming 2.0 in Hiroshima

image Award for longest organisation name at the event goes to ReFits Lab from Fukuyama - better known as 独立行政法人農業・食品産業技術総合研究機構 近畿中国四国農業研究センター 生産支援システム研究近中四サブチーム (The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization - National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region - Decision Support Research Sub-team - think I need a cup of tea and a lie down after that mouthful!)

Tongue-twisters aside, Teramoto-san and his team from said lab are into their mashups, and were showing off a couple -  based on an API for their own local climate data overlaid on Google Maps - at the Mashup Corner.


SaaS World 2007: Platforms, Verticals, Mashups and Mashups of Mashups

image Roppongi Midtown was awash with Enterprise 2.0 yesterday and today, as vendors, startups, mashup developers and numerous grey suits gatherered for IDG's SaaS World 2007 Conference and Demo.

The two days saw 40 main sessions, a dozen mashup presentations, and a series of open talks in the exhibition hall, where about 50 companies had booths.

The audience was very much business IT oriented, and the event was packed.  It seems that Japanese corporates are keenly interested in the SaaS model, and the agility, ROI and unparalleled integration possibilities it promises.


Japanese Language Introduction to AtomPub (Gijutsu Hyoron K.K.) is a publisher of technical books and magazines, and runs an extensive website aimed at the IT industry.  Their site is broken up mainly by role, into Developer, Administrator, Web & Design, Lifestyle and Science.

They have begun a feature series on the recently announced AtomPub standard.  I have found this to be a great resource for both learning about the technology from the Japanese angle, and also brushing up on language skills in that domain.

Web API standard for the Next Web

Google Announces OpenSocial API for Basic Social Interop

Google's OpenSocial API

In a direct challenge to Facebook's emerging status as the default Social Platform, Google has announced a set of API standards that allows Social Website plugin applications to share data and basic functionality across multiple sites.

Here is a bit of a hokey video where Google gets together with some of the partners they developed the spec with, and show off some of the initial apps released on the API. 

This move is an interesting start that should see Social Apps become more powerful, especially as the standard matures and alternatives appear.  It will be interesting to see what this does to differentiation in the market, given that apps will be a lot more portable.


AtomPub released, Japanese translation available

AtomPub ... not APP! The Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC5023) (AtomPub) standard has been released from the The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).  This is the partner specification to the Atom Syndication Format (Atom) for exposing web resources, published just over a year ago.

..geek speak from IBM:

The Atom Publishing Protocol is an HTTP-based approach for creating and editing Web resources. It is designed fundamentally around the idea of using the basic operations provided by the HTTP protocol (such as GET, PUT, and DELETE) to pass around instances of Atom 1.0 Feed and Entry documents that represent things like blog entries, podcasts, wiki pages, calendar entries and so on.

The spec for Atom was born out of discussions about the shortcomings of the various RSS RFCs.  It has come to save us from all their weaknesses and incompatibilities by introducing a new set of strong incompatibilities ...

It has various proponents, with project leadership from Joe Gregorio of Google, but time will tell if this becomes the first choice for syndication of blogs and other content, and automated stuff doing (ASD) and the rise of emergent semi-autonomous business contingencies and that sort of carry on. ;)

A Japanese translation is available: reports that Yohei Yamamoto and a group from Ricoh Corp. has translated the standard:

Atom Publishing Protocol 日本語

Atom (standard) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Japanese

Note: Have to see how to implement this in my blog of choice BlogCFC which I currently use XML-RPC with. 
Japanese language gets screwed up between my favourite Blog Writer and BlogCFC, which is why there isn't much Japanese content so far. 
I haven't sat down and figured out why yet. 
The admin interface handles it okay.  I guess I'll have to crack open some components.
Works a charm for English though.  Nice screen snipper plugin.

Recruit Web Services

The HR and information services group Recruit is dipping it's toes in the API business.

Last Month, the group's Media Technology Lab (formerly Tatami Lab) release a suite of B2B web services to allow third parties to leverage the content of some of the group's online content.


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