Tokyo Bloggers Dinner

On Tuesday I started working in Kojimachi, near the offices of Mozilla Corporation.  Gen Kanai, a friend from Tech Talk Japan chat and Tokyo2Point0, works at Mozilla and we got together for lunch yesterday chatted about various stuff including Mozilla Messaging, portable social networks and upcoming events.  He turned me on to the Tokyo Bloggers Dinner, a monthly get together of some of the local blog scene, where everyone has curry and perhaps a few beers, then gives a quick presentation about what they are doing, or some interesting sites they are using.  He introduced me to the organiser, Kohichi Aoki, and I was on the list.


WebCamp on Social Network Portability and BlogTalk2008 Cork, Video Index

Armed with a digital camera and a webcam, I accidentally became a cameraman for BlogTalk2008. Wireless limitations meant that UStream live streaming was shaky at the best of times, and constantly having to shuffle large AVI files off the digital camera meant for a suboptimal experience, but the icing on the cake was accidentally deleting everything from the trip on my notebook the day after I got back to Tokyo! Being too large to go in to the recycle bin, I resorted to buying a utility that got back around half of the videos.

So here we are ... a mixture of my digicam shots and the UStream feed recordings, with a little Picasaweb in for good measure.

WebCamp on Social  Network Portability 2008, Cork, Ireland


BlogTalk2008 - Michael Breidenbrücker - Let's face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising...

Keynote talk: Michael Breidenbrücker (Lovely Systems, (Introduction by Thomas Burg)
Let's face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising



BlogTalk2008 - Anna Rogozinska - Everyday body regimes: the construction of self in dieting weblogs

Anna Rogozinska (Institute of Polish Culture, Warsaw University)
Everyday body regimes: the construction of self in weblogs about dieting



Blogtalk2008 - Andera Gadelib, Dialego - MindVoyager market research service

BlogTalk2008 - Joe Lamantia - The DIY future: what happens when everyone designs social media?

BlogTalk 2008 - Robert Mao - Open Portable Social Network - a Prototype

Robert Mao is a Senior Engineer at Microsoft's Global Product Development Centre in Dublin.  A very sharp guy, he comes from a Social Network background in Nanking, China.  In his spare time he has been working on an interesting project to turn his blog into the hub of a social network.  This concept is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my personal blog, having started by toying with OpenID and Twitter integration.  So I was naturally excited to check out what he had done...


BlogTalk2008 - Brian O'Donovan (IBM), Gabriela Avram - What is happening behind the firewall at IBM

BlogTalk2008 Cork - Mark Bernstein - Neovictorian, nobitic, and narrative

Mark Bernstein (Eastgate Systems Inc.)
Neovictorian, nobitic, and narrative: ancient anticipations and the meaning of weblogs

"In contemporary social software, we encounter once more the deep controversies of 19th century art, reinterpreted to meet the exigencies of time and technology."

Goth and anime stuff ... ;)


BlogTalk2008 - Salim Ismail - Entrepreneurship and social media

Keynote talk: Salim Ismail (recently ex-Yahoo!)
Entrepreneurship and social media



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