Looking for the pulse of Japan's Business SNS Scene at Softbank, Yahoo, and more...

Nothing like the slowdown over new years to spend some time digging around the net (.. as if I didn't spend enough time doing that anyway!).

I've been looking at the Business SNS Scene in Japan, signing up and kicking the tyres for a few weeks.  The lights are on, but is anyone home?


Startup Revolution - Using Metrics to grow your startup with Dave McClure and Sean Ellis

Friday (2008-12-19) I attended another great event organised by the indomitable Andrew Shuttleworth of Tokyo2Point0 fame. Dave McClure had taken time out from the Silicon Valley echo chamber to present his new religion - Metrics for Startup - to small but well formed group of budding Tokyo entrepreneurs. He had Sean Ellis of Startup Marketing along riding shotgun to present the second half of the event.


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