New Context Conference 2008 - Day 2

I had a couple of things on, so I didn't catch the whole of the second day. I missed the opening session on the mobile internet, and Joi's closing about "The Next Big Thing" ... if anyone heard what the "Next Big Thing" is please drop me a note!


New Context Conference 2008 - Day 1

Joi Ito and Digital Garage held their 4th "New Context Conference" at Garden Hall in Ebisu Garden Place last week. The event is free of charge, and the fact that DG can pull together such a wide variety of speakers - primarily from companies in which they have an interest - is testament to the breadth of their portfolio.

The theme for this year's two day conference was the "Open Business Network" that the Internet allows.


O'Reilly Cancels Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo 2008

Citing the difficult economic climate, O'Reilly and TechWeb have pulled the plug on the Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo 2008. Apparently "the current business climate was not conducive to guaranteeing the success of the event"

I went along last year, and while there wasn't a lot of excitement in terms of services and startups, I made a load of good contacts. It's a shame they couldn't work out some way to reduce the cost of the event.

Here is the story:

eSynapse Restructured

Well, it's been some time since I posted here, so here's some news and it isn't good.

eSynapse - the company I joined as CTO just a few months ago - has failed to secure financing, and been forced to slash staff. As my project is still several months from bringing in any revenue, the project has been frozen, and my team let go. I have decided to go with them.

This is a real shame ... the project I lead was to create a multi-level modular CMS with ECommerce and Semantic hooks. It was to be a chance to take the CMS that I had created over several years, and hacked for many clients, and rebuild it from scratch as an ASP service, in a new language, with a team of developers. Unfortunately this was not to be.

So ... what to do next? Of course I'm putting the feelers out, and checking the job sites. But I want to do a little upskilling first - finally move to Eclipse, learn about Mobile Development, Flex and a little Java (eek!). I also have a couple of ideas I'd like to work on, and have started on a mental health-related site project with some friends, so I'm not going to leap back into the job market immediately.

Nifty Develops Spam Blog Filter - Finds 40% of Domestic Blogs to be "Spam Blogs"

Nifty Labs, the marketing research group within Nifty Corporation, has developed filtering technology to automate the detection of so-called "Spam Blogs"  - blogs whose sole purpose is to artificially inflate traffic and affiliate commissions.  Japan has been renowned for the number such sites, and it is certainly an issue when trying to gauge the true blogging population and activity level here. 

The survey combined several filtering techniques, and data came from a 100,000 article sample from 5 months of Nifty's Buzz Pulse Blog analysis service.  Nifty says Buzz Pulse indexes 90% of Japan's blogs, including over 450 million articles as of March 2008.  The average level of Spam Blogging was about 40% ...

2007-10 39.3%
2007-11 40.1%
2007-12 39.7%
2008-01 39.9%
2008-02 40.5%


Nifty plans to make this information available
on their BuzzSeeQer site - the online servce for BuzzPulse.


Press Release: (Japanese)

Original Blog: (Japanese)


Interview with Dr. John Breslin - DERI, Semantic web, industry outreach ...

Dr. John Breslin is a senior semantic web researcher working at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute in Galway, Ireland.  We met at the BlogNation Japan launch party at Web2.0 Expo Japan, and then again at BlogTalk2008 - a conference he was organising in Cork.  I was interested to learn a little more about DERI, and how it engages with business, so fired him some questions by email, for which he has kindly found time in his mad schedule to respond to.


BlogTalk2008 - Michael Breidenbrücker - Let's face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising...

Keynote talk: Michael Breidenbrücker (Lovely Systems, (Introduction by Thomas Burg)
Let's face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising



BlogTalk2008 - Joe Lamantia - The DIY future: what happens when everyone designs social media?

BlogTalk 2008 - Robert Mao - Open Portable Social Network - a Prototype

Robert Mao is a Senior Engineer at Microsoft's Global Product Development Centre in Dublin.  A very sharp guy, he comes from a Social Network background in Nanking, China.  In his spare time he has been working on an interesting project to turn his blog into the hub of a social network.  This concept is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my personal blog, having started by toying with OpenID and Twitter integration.  So I was naturally excited to check out what he had done...


WebCamp2008 - Social Network Portability Presentations

Presentations on Social Network Portability


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