"Tokyo2Point0 and Adobe Communities to the MAX" pre-MAX party.

Adobe MAX, the annual Adobe developer and user conference/road-show is coming to Tokyo this month.  Community leader Andrew Shuttleworth and I thought this would be a great opportunity for a Tokyo2Point0 event, one where we can connect with the various Adobe communities here in Tokyo.

Ryan Stewart from Adobe has kindly offered to give us a special teaser presentation for MAX, and Ken Azuma - RIA master from 2ndFactory - will assist with interpreting duties.  Other special guests from Adobe will be there, as will people from the Flex User Group, Flash OOP, Spark Project, JCFUG and others.

UPDATE 2009-01-27:

Date: Wed 28th Jan
Time: 7pm Start
Location: Fiat Caffe, 2 min from Gaienmae Station
Entry: Free entry, with light food and drinks available from the bar
No Smoking Event!
Registration Required: Registrations have reached capacity - thanks to everyone!

Come along and mix it up with the Adobe user community, and meet the people behind Flash, Flex, Photoshop, and other great Adobe products!

Event Schedule:

19:00 Event opens - networking time

20:00 Adobe Community Lightning Intros

20:10 Ryan Stewart Presentation

21:00 Party time

22:00 Cafe open to public again. (Event guests are welcome to stay on)

Street View - go right for Aoyama Icchome, Left for Gaienmae:

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Twicco.jp - Twitter based communities

imageAt the New Context Conference in November, Digital Garage announced their new Twitter-based community service - twicco.   DG had announced a partnership with Twitter, Inc., at the beginning of 2008 - See PDF (PDF? c'mon... !) and the have been working on localisation issues with the service.  twicco represents an extension of this relationship, and is produced by DG group's DGIncubation, Inc - although curiously there is no mention of the service on the DG Incubation website.

twicco works simply by taking @replies sent to an account, and posting them as updates to the account's timeline.  This changes twitter from a one-to-many to a many-to-many communications service, hence enabling groups or communities.

The interface is only in Japanese at the moment - and the instructions on the site are a little confused - but here is the rough guide to starting up a twicco group...


Presenting ... Twitterlater - the future of microblogging...

... or rather, microblogging in the future!

Recently I have started working on some pet projects around social networking and personal data control. It's been about 4 years since I actually designed, built and released a whole web site, so in order to ease myself back into the whole www-facing thing, I thought I would try wheeling out a low impact app in an afternoon.

I use twitter quite a lot, and find it great for passive news gathering, and occasional communications. I thought it would be nice if you could schedule your tweets in the future, for reminders, or perhaps some kind of game or promotion.

So after lunch yesterday, I set about putting together just such a thing. Several hours later, and http://twitterlater.com/ was born. It is a simple site that allows you to set a time in the future (currently UTC only, but I'm working on it ...) or a countdown timer to a tweet, and have it posted then. If you're interested, please go and kick the tires... it's very beta, but the initial basic functions should be working.

Not 5 minutes after I uploaded the site, I was back on Twitter where Tim O'Reilly and Eric Burke were discussing their desire for a service that would spread out "bursty" tweets - people like Robert Scoble have good content, but sometimes they tweet in bulk, pushing everyone else's tweets off the page... drip feeding tweets to help this issue is now on the road map. Please let me know if there is anything like that you'd find useful.

Oh ... and as you can probably see from the logo, If anyone would like to contribute some high-end pixel-mongering to my look and feel ... shout out!

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